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D’Accord iChords is a practical utility for recognizing chords. It can automatically recognize chords from various music formats such as MP3, WAV and WMA. D’Accord iChords shows your chords on a keyboard or guitar fretboard display. This powerful tool can also recognize chords from your music CDs. Now you can learn to play any song! There's no need to search for sheet music or tablatures. D’Accord iChords is easy to use, just choose your song and this software will quickly recognize the chords for you. This useful tool includes D’Accord technology for audio processing; providing you with the best solution available for chord recognition. Edit songs to your liking, and easily add chords and lyrics to your projects. Adjust the tempo according to your skill level and print your chords for easy reading while playing the guitar or keyboard. Choose from different view modes; including one mode for left-handed players. D’Accord iChords is an essential tool for people who are learning to play instruments and want to practice in an easy way.

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